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After a conversation with local non-profits

and dinner with a new neighbor,

Caleb sprang into action

and created an innovative movement

to meet a basic human need,

turn strangers into neighbors,

and benefit local businesses.

Spokane County projects that by 2030 over 100,000 people will have moved to the Spokane area.

Ten thousand of those new area residents

are expected to live around Deer Park.

Deer Park's past City Council's have given us the gift

of good infrastructure,

but are our roads, sewers, businesses, and government

ready for 10,000 new neighbors?

Caleb Stapp is the leader we need to prepare us.

He loves creating environments where

strangers become neighbors

and neighbors become family.

Why Caleb?

Caleb is a leader with nearly

a decade of service in Deer Park.

As a city councilman Caleb will prepare Deer Park for 10,000 new area residents and help local businesses flourish.


10,000 New Residents

10,000 New Residents

Encouraging Local Business


Caleb & his family at the Grand Opening

of the new Knight Construction building.

As a member of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce

and a volunteer helping them accomplish their goals,

Caleb spends a lot of time with the business community.

New businesses are difficult to begin.

Expanding a current business is hard work.

Caleb is dedicated to learning what it takes for Deer Park to become a place business owners want to set-up shop.

An easier and faster permitting process is a primary goal

for the business community. Caleb will work hard so that business owners & entrepreneurs spend their hard work where they want to, and not on government red tape.

Education & Primary Work


Caleb graduated magna cum laude

with a Bachelor’s degree

from Corban University  in 2010.

Elisa graduated summa cum laude

and continues to be

the smartest one in the family

Graduated with a Master’s degree

from Gateway Seminary in 2019

after six years of courses

in leadership, administration, 

counseling, theology,

and public speaking.

Caleb has been serving

at First Baptist Church since 2010 and this is where

his leadership skills, hospitality,

and strategic thinking

have shone the brightest. 

In 2018 Caleb began writing for the Deer Park Gazette is now an Account Manager with TRECpro, the Gazette's owner.

As a journalist,

Caleb began covering the city council stories and soon realized he wanted a more active role.

Work & Volunteer Experience


Riverside School District

Caleb began working as a Certified Emergency Substitute Teacher in February of 2017 

after passing the necessary background checks.

Deer Park School District

Caleb began working in Deer Park as a Certified Emergency Substitute Teacher in 2018.

Deer Park Pizza Factory

To make full use of his time Caleb worked evenings as a cook, driver, and dishwasher at Pizza Factory.

He even invented a pizza recipe while there.

Here's how to order a Luau:

  • Choose your pizza size (bigger is better)

  • Mango Habenero spicy sauce instead of red sauce

  • Mozzarella Cheese

  • Pepperoni

  • Pineapple

  • Bacon

  • Red Onion

  • and Cashews

IEBA Kids Camp

Since he was 18 or 19 years-old Caleb has spent one week each summer serving 3rd-6th graders.

From playing bass and washing dishes to running a volunteer staff, writing curriculum, and rocking the Camp Director role Caleb has turned potential into service.

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We Heart Deer Park

Caleb has been the Communications Secretary

 for WHDP since it began in 2012.


We Heart Deer Park is how local churches serve families to make sure students get what they need for school.

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Discover Deer Park 

In 2018 a new idea  hatched in Caleb's  mind as he talked with community non-profits and an immigrant neighbor.

Discover Deer Park welcomes new residents to the area, introduces them to each other,

and encourages service from the start.

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